This World Refugee Day, you have a chance to show welcome to refugees who are being resettled in Charlotte, North Carolina:

First, you can donate directly to Carolina Refugee Resettlement, enabling them to offer vital services.

They work to help refugee families start a new life in America. Carolina Refugee Resettlement Agency (CRRA) seeks to compassionately ease the transition into a new country, new language, new culture. This work includes locating housing, enrolling in school, finding them employment, offering microfinance opportunities and moving toward self-sufficiency as soon as possible. Their infrastructure allows them to settle refugees of all nationalities and religions. Refugees are arriving from Burma, Bhutan, Somalia, Congo, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iraq, Syria, Iran and Central America.


Second, share the message of welcome!

You can buy mugs, totes or shirts that feature original art from Iraqi artist, Hala Ziad. Her family worked with the United States Military in Iraq, and were then brought to the United States for their own safety. Hala’s family has had their own experience with the refugee journey, and her art powerfully portrays both the sorrow of fleeing, and the joy of finding home. A portion of the proceeds from these items will be donated to CRRA as well. You can see more of Hala’s work on Instagram (@Hellasketchz)

Thanks to Charlotte is Creative for their H.U.G grant that made this project possible.