Welcome October! Such a beautiful month in the South – at least in North Carolina. Trees changing, pumpkins everywhere and the weather actually gets chilly enough for sweaters on some days. Family meals around the table by candlelight with soups, hot chocolate, and holiday prep.

To celebrate the start of October, we’re giving away a set of two napkins for a follower AND a friend of their choice. Our napkin inventory is always changing, since we work with closeout fabrics, donations and remnants so the winner will get their choice based on what’s available when the the contest ends.

We feel like cloth napkins are such an easy way to add sustainability to your home. They cut your use of paper napkins in half (or more), thus saving money and trees. And if there’s ever a napkin/paper towel shortage again, you’ll be in a good spot if you’ve invested in kitchen and table linens.

It’s also important to know WHERE your cloth napkins are being made. Frankly, if they’re too cheap and come from China or Bangladesh, it’s likely that the napkins are being sewn in an unsafe factory where people are forced to work long hours for little money. Investing in napkins from brands that guarantee good working conditions and fair trade wages is important! Our napkin colors/styles are limited, so if you’re looking for lots of napkins in the same print, we’d highly recommend Ten Thousand Villages or Ichcha as a source for napkins.

Cloth Napkin Giveaway

Now how to enter…well, you’ve got to head to our Instagram post and/or Facebook posts and tag a friend in the comments section.  That’s it! You can enter on both social media platforms, and you can tag multiple friends on those giveaway posts. The giveaway will end on October 15th, 2020, and we can only mail to US-based addresses at this time.



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