CONGRATS to our winner, Beverly! She got the right answer – Bukavu City in the DRC. It’s right on the border of Rwanda & Congo. Our next “Where in the World” feature will go live on December 5th.

Do you have the stuff to make a world traveler? Time to find out…

Recently I was talking to a friend from Congo about how she visits her family when she goes to Africa for her once yearly visit. “We have to find a town on the safe side of the border,” she told me. “And then everyone takes a bus and meets me there.” As a (now) American citizen, she gets charged a higher visa cost to visit Congo, so instead opts for the cheaper country option. We looked at the map together, figuring out the distance between the town in the Congo, the town in the middle, and the refugee camp.

While looking at pictures, I was struck by how beautiful these places were – all of which I’d never heard of, much less ever though of traveling to.

This conversation is the inspiration for our new bi-monthly series, “Where in the World.” If you grew up, like me, watching the Carmen Sandiego game show on PBS and dreaming of being a world traveler, you’ll appreciate this. (Cue Carmen Sandiego theme song) As our company vision statement says, “Embrace the world.” In other words, we want you to appreciate the beauty that can be found in other cultures.

We want our customers to get a bigger picture of this beautiful yet complicated world we live in.

We’re going to profile a place that’s connected to our refugee and new American friends and your job is to see if you can name it! We’ll have various prizes – for this time, two of the correct guessers are going to get a 20% off coupon for our online store.

Town in the Congo DRC


Here’s the clues:

  • This town is in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) very close to the border of another African nation
  • It is part of the ancient territory of the Bushi kingdom
  • This Congolese city is built on 5 peninsulas and is sometimes called, “a green hand dipped into the lake.”
  • There was an earthquake here in 2015

City in Congo Kivu Province

Any guesses, world travelers?
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We’ll notify the winners on November 26th.

Title photograph from  Matthew Henry from Burst

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