We’re Persona Grata Goods. That name – as we explain in our About Us write-up – means “Person Welcome”. One of our key missions is that refugee women are welcomed and and supported as they transition to making the United States their new home. But our mission is bigger than that. We believe that women in all walks of life should be celebrated and empowered in the journeys God has given them.

As we’ve been evaluating our purse designs and styles, and preparing for the launch of new bags for our Fall 2020 collection, we realized that a very important demographic of women was being overlooked – women who use ambulatory devices for chronic conditions, as well as those who need wheelchairs full-time because of medical issues. These women are amazing. In spite of great difficulties and personal challenges, they’re still embracing life and investing in their friends, children, families. We want to support them. And design is great way to do so.

Share your thoughts on wheelchair purse design & be entered to win a cork + tapestry clutch

If you use a walker, a wheelchair or even crutches, we want your purse to make life easier, not be just another challenge you’re trying to manage. But how do we do that? We’re in the midst of trying to figure out what a useful wheelchair purse would look like. We want to know what special features should be in a walker-friendly bag. Would it better to have a tote for shopping? A small bag for the essentials? A medium size purse that holds your tablet or laptop? A diaper bag that helps you go on adventures with your kids?

Ready to share your thoughts? Head to our Wheelchair Bag questionnaire to get the conversation started. Oh, and all US-based entries will also have an opportunity to win a Brave cork + tapestry clutch.

Share your feedback now.

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