Towels. You use them all the time at home. Drying fingers, cleaning up messes, wiping dishes down. They’re a necessity in the kitchen, the bathroom, the diaper bag.

We’ve been scouting around for a while to find the perfect towels for our latest refugee mom employment project, and were very excited to discover some gorgeous fingertip and cafe towels from 1888 Mills. Not only are they made in the  USA, but they’re also highly absorbent cotton.

But while we might love these towels, we want to know if our customers will! So that’s where you come in. We’re in need of 2-3 testers to get a cafe towel/fingertip towel set and then use it for 2-3 weeks and share their feedback. Each set costs $10.00 shipped, which makes a dent in our shipping & supplies costs.

One reason these towels are so special is that they create employment for a mom named Ann.

Ann is an amazing woman. She’s a mom to three, and grandma to one, and has endured quite a bit in her life’s journey, especially as she and her family had to flee a repressive regime where they were in danger of their lives. Yet in spite of the hardships, she’s gracious and giving. She learned to bake while awaiting settlement here in the US and loves to whip up goodies in her kitchen for her friends.

The journey of a refugee woman
Photo by ChrisCom

We chose her for this project because of the extreme financial hardships her family is facing. Her husband has had to work multiple low wage jobs (almost to the point of collapse). She wants to help out financially too, but language skills and transportation are barriers. She’s attending classes at Make Welcome Sewing School, as well as ESL classes. We’re providing training and a sewing machine so she can work from home right now.

Do you want to help us make this employment project a success? If so, head to this Etsy towel listing and use code TESTER to get the special price! Sewing employment for refugee moms in North Carolina

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