Wallets are a necessity. Don’t believe me? Try finding your credit card at the maternity store when your purse is full of the miscellaneous stuff that moms somehow accumulate during the day. I’d just had it in my hand, stuck it back in my purse (note, NOT in the wallet) and now, it appeared as if my credit card had entered a black hole. The cashier had a bland smile, seeming incredulous that I couldn’t locate it. The couple in line behind me probably thought the transaction would never end. After what felt like an eternity, I located that crazy card, finished the transaction and slunk away. If only I’d used my wallet.

Ever had those experiences? I seriously hope I’m not the only one! Needless to say, I’ve A) updated my wallet so that it is a more useful design; and B) tried hard to always put every card, checkbook and pen back in the said wallet. If you’re like me, and looking for a new wallet that actually HOLDS all you need to carry, then check out one of these two fairtrade styles we have available:

The Reincarnated Wallet

Once this beauty was part of a billboard along some busy highway. But when its first life came to an end, it was taken to the offices of Upcycle Life, a social enterprise here in Charlotte, North Carolina. In the production studio, the billboard gained a new purpose as it was turned into wallets, messenger purses and lunch bags!


But even better, this billboard turned wallet was sewn by a refugee woman who is employed by Upcycle Life. It provided her meaningful work and much needed income. It features a small handle, plenty of card pockets and a zipper pocket for coins, phones or other really valuable items.

These lovely wallets are $20 and are only available on our website here! They take 1-2 weeks to produce and we can’t guarantee exact exterior design, only that it will have the same general look. To buy one, click on the Paypal link and select whether you want the Green/Blue or the Red/Yellow.

Color Scheme



The Juliet Wallet

Ankara print check book wallet

Juliet is the essence of gorgeous. This refugee mom decks out in lovely Congolese dress, with graceful design, bright colors, and a elegant headwrap. Yet even her style and flair can’t always hide tired eyes. She’s the mom of small children and has the duties incumbent with that: cooking, cleaning, laundry. Yet she also works 10-12 hour shifts at a food processing plant.

Juliet’s stylish poise and willingness to work so hard to care for and love on her family inspired us as we designed this African Wax Print wallet. It’s made to be bright and vibrant, yet efficient. This smaller wallet can carry a checkbook, phone and has 4 card pockets. holding everything securely with a magnet clasp.  You’ll find these at our Etsy shop.

Here’s to no more losing the needed credit card at the cash register or driver’s license while the policeman waits at the window. Happy 2017!

Got a good disorganized purse story? Share in the comments section below.


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