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Summer ESL Classes in Charlotte

Citizenship Class for Refugee Moms in Charlotte, NC

It’s summer break, right? Well, as much as we’ve got going around here, “break” might not be an appropriate term. There’s lots of planning, drafting, sewing, writing and photography happening. Here’s a look at what’s in the works: Citizenship Class First off, we’re excited to announce a pilot citizenship class for refugee moms in Charlotte.  …

Spring 2019 Style Inspiration from Around the World

Spring Inspiration: Textiles & Patterns from Around the World

In the South – where we’re based – spring has officially sprung. Temperatures are warm, pollen is thick in the air (boo!) and pastels and flip-flops are showing up in stores. Spring is such a beautiful time and it’s fun to shed the heavy outer garments and embrace the season’s color palette. As part of …