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July Program & Production Update

We’re back at the drawing board – again – and are looking for ways to innovate. Can we host a micro-school on production days? How do we make in-person sewing time safe for all? Will the facility we meet at still be able to offer childcare for the babies & toddlers? Can we do sewing sessions over Zoom? So many questions, and we’re currently drowning in the details!

Whatsapp and Klutz kits: April Coronavirus Update

“The World Turned Upside Down” was the name of the tune the British band played as Cornwallis surrendered to George Washington, thus effectively ending the revolutionary war. The politics of the world had been upended and things never returned to the previous status quo. Somehow, this fife and drum tune feels like a rather modern …

January Books about Refugees Immigrants

January Book Recommendations: Refugees & Immigration

Starting 2020 with a resolution to read more? You’re in good company! Lots of us make plans to add more reading to our schedule in the new year. Reading is so important. It helps us avoid the very narrow talking points that we find in the media, and instead learn to see important issues from …

social justice tees 2019

Fav Social Justice Tees for Spring 2019

We’ve said it before – just wearing a social justice tee doesn’t necessarily make you an advocate for justice. BUT, it sure is a great way to support non-profits and to initiate conversations about important issues that you’re passionate about! It may be cold right now in  much of the US, yet spring is coming …