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fair trade kitchen towels india africa

Kitchen Towel Feedback & Giveaway

Kitchen towels. They’re a relatively quick sewing project, perfect for beginning and intermediate seamstresses so we often give this project to new artisans. And they’re fun to create because they’re also a staple of every kitchen. Drying your hands, mopping up spills, covering fresh baked bread – a kitchen towel is used in a myriad of …

Interested in being a Fair Trade Brand Ambassador?

Through our research and study of poverty, we’ve come to see that the best way to fight poverty is to provide dignity affirming work. Hand-out charity is only of limited good. But opportunities to earn? Those make the real difference. That’s why we actively recruit fair trade brand ambassadors for our products. Our business started …

Screen printing t-shirts

The Thing About Social Justice T-Shirts

Have you noticed that social justice t-shirts have become a frontline tool for making the world a better place? From non-profits to social enterprises, shirts that support a cause have become a thing.  There’s probably good reason for that. Everyone (mostly) wears t-shirts. For organizations and businesses, this is a product that has low overhead to …

Henna Inspired Head Ties

Henna Head Ties: Hope Against Hope

We’ve launched a new product line: Henna Inspired Headbands. These lovely head ties are sewn and embroidered by one of our artisans from Afghanistan. She does amazing embroidery work and we’re so excited to showcase her talent!These boho head ties are about more than just ethical fashion. The design tells a part of a beautiful Jesus story, …

Used burlap bags turned into purses by refugee women

Turning Burlap Bags into a Fashion Statement

How often do you eat rice? Our refugee seamstresses from Myanmar love rice. Lots of rice. In fact, in Myanmar where many of our ladies are from, rice is the staple of breakfast, lunch and dinner. (Check out this awesome Burmese Fried Rice recipe.)  That’s why they buy rice in large quantities in up to 20lb …

Upcoming Sale: Starving Artist Market on February 12th

Heads up: Persona Grata Goods will have a booth at the Starving Artist Market, located at the Charlotte Art League on February 12th, from 12-5. Come join us! We’ll have African Print cowl scarves, Upcycled rice bag purses made by refugee ladies, Boho crochet earrings from an Afghani artisan…and more!