Napkins, napkins, napkins. We’re right in the middle of sewing cloth napkins from fabric donations. Generous seamstresses have given fabrics they no longer need from their stash so we’re making use of it. There are a few pieces that are more than 1 yard. But a lot of the fabric we’re making use of it just 1 yard or less. As long as we can get a set of 4 cotton napkins from it, it’s a viable piece of fabric.

Donated Katagami Fabric turned into napkins

What’s awesome about creating cloth napkins from limited amounts of fabric is that we’re using up the scraps, so to speak, from already purchased textiles. The sewist who originally purchased it made what he or she wanted, and had a random amount left. Napkins are a great way to repurpose this leftover bit of fabric into something that’s usable AND cuts down on paper waste.

Upcycle Fabrics into cloth napkins

Are you trying to create sustainable table decor? Even if you can’t sew, here’s a few ways to make use of scraps and leftovers to have a beautiful table:

Cardboard and Fabric and Glue Gun? Make a DIY Holiday Plate Charger.

Yes, you could use Dollar Store items, but we’d recommend that instead you make use of what’s already around your house, since most Dollar Store items were made in China.

Take that old rolling pin and repurpose. Turn it into an amazingly vintage-look towel holder.

These days, kitchen towels are often works of art! Show them off with this upcycled towel bar.

Broken Plates become Works of Art. Use the Japanese method of Kintsugi on old plates.

“Japanese artisans started fixing broken pottery with lacquer mixed with golden powder, believing that the break was a part of the object’s history and life, rather than something bad.”

Cutlery Holders from Tin Cans? Yes, it’s a lovely DIY sustainable table decor hack.

Use scrapbook paper or fabric scraps to make these cans reflect your own personal style, and add flair to your table. Plus, it makes a great conversation piece. 

Do you have a favorite DIY table / kitchen decor project? Share it below. 

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