In the South – where we’re based – spring has officially sprung. Temperatures are warm, pollen is thick in the air (boo!) and pastels and flip-flops are showing up in stores. Spring is such a beautiful time and it’s fun to shed the heavy outer garments and embrace the season’s color palette.

As part of our inspiration for the upcoming season, we’ve been looking at textiles and styles from around the world that reflect a spring vibe. All our finds are compiled in a Spring 2019 Style board on Pinterest. Here’s a few favorites:

Nigerian Lace Dress

Lace is the ultimate in spring trimming, so we love the delicate lace dresses & fabrics from Nigeria. This one in particular is such a gorgeous shade of green with a touch of glimmer. It’s especially gorgeous accented with that pink headwrap and jewelry.

Iranian Boho Clutch and Duster

Spring is a time of changing temperatures, so we love how this embroidered duster is light enough for the season. And the embroidery on both the clutch and jacket is so intricate and lovely.


Turkmenistan Spring Festival Dresses

What do you know about Nowruz Bayram? Held on March 21st, this Turkmenistan national holiday celebrates the first day of the Iranian calendar. People wear traditional clothes as they look to the future and yet remember the past. We love the matching dress/cap combo.


Finland Street Style

Sometimes winter is hard to get rid of, especially in the Nordic countries where temperatures don’t get much above 50 F even in April, and snow is still on the ground in the northern regions. This is the way to deal with spring cold in style. Love the waist purse and hand warmers! It’s got a great cosplay/fantasy feel.

Go check out our Spring 2019 Style Inspiration board for more round the world spring fashion. And feel free to share your own!


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