Planning to fly this holiday season? With budget fares, carry-ons are often restricted and wow. It’s just getting tougher and tougher to figure out what you need! So here’s a few tips for what are essentials for purse packing on airplane rides, whether you’re with toddlers or you’re getting to fly completely adult – that is, sans kids. We’ve included links to fair trade products that you could buy for yourself or even gift to your favorite traveler this holiday:

  • It gets dry. So moisturize. 

  • Two things – chapstick and lotion. There is something about airports that completely dries your skin out! Grab some fair trade chapsticks via Zambeezi’s awesome lip balm collection. Then get some reusable 3.4 (or less) containers to add lotion too. The smaller the better, so it fits snugly in your purse.
  • Zambeei Lip balm Fair trade

Water. Please. 

Ever tried to carry your big empty water bottle while balancing the laptop bag/purse combo and suitcase, and then put your shoes back on after the security check? Gets extra hard if you’ve got a little in tow that’s trying to wander. That’s why these eco-friendly Hydaway bottles are AMAZING. They collapse, people! They get small! You can fit them in your purse in a spare corner, until you’re ready to fill them up. No trying to keep that bottle from falling out and rolling away. And your kid is going to think it’s just plain cool. This is a win for purse packing on airplane flights.

Fight the Chills with a Scarf/Blanket/Socks

Now that autumn is here, scarves can be pulled out again. Yay! These are so great for flying. A soft, lighweight scarf can be rolled up in your purse and then pulled out to keep you warm on the plane, or serve as a pillow for your toddler to rest on while they watch cartoon reruns. We’ve got some warm jersey infinity scarves available (made by Fatima) that are perfect pillows. If you’re looking for a non-infinity option, check out the knit giants scarves from Loom Chicago

What about those feet? On long flights, shoes are uncomfortable and your feet just get cold! So slipper socks are a PERFECT companion for flying. Plus, they’re cozy to wear at your final holiday destination. Have you seen the sock slippers made by Azerbijani Socks? Soft and cute, plus they support women in a part of the world that most westerners have never heard of. Great conversation starter!

Keep It Healthy Kit

Your nose is almost guaranteed to start running after a few minutes on the flight, before they’ve handed out snacks. You’ll dig around in your purse and won’t be able to find a single kleenex. Totally been there. So have a health kit ready and in an accessible place. A medium sized zippered bag would be our choice (possibly a wristlet so you can just pull it out quickly). Include pain medication for you and any kiddos in tow, kleenexes (of course), sanitizing wipes, and if you really don’t like to show up with bad breath, a mini-toothpaste/toothbrush combo.

As a side note, it’s nice to have some healthy snacks along too. We really love the KIND bars and the That’s It bars. Our kids enjoy raisins and mandarin oranges. Eating in airports on a budget can be challenging, but having some healthy options that you bring along helps keep you from feeling absolutely nasty by the end of the flight. And cloth napkins, like these from BeIntertwined of Knoxville, can be a lifesaver for kid spills (or you spills), because the airplane provided napkins don’t mop up squat and you don’t want to use up all your precious kleenexes!

Cloth Napkins Fair Trade Made By Refugees

Keep the Kids (Non) Electronically Entertained

So we’re not huge fans of having our kids on the tablet/device the entire flight time. For our kids, we’ve really enjoyed the Usborne Sticker series that features historical periods, superheros, robots, and more. We don’t sell, so we’re just linking to a rep’s store that has provided excellent service. (She’s not even a friend or acquaintance, so no kickbacks.)

Melissa & Doug also has some great paint with water pads, sticker books, magnet dolls, cars, and activity books. Grab a couple special items before the trip, hide them in a cloth bag (sew your own fabric gift bag instructions here), and then let your kids open them once the long airport waits start.

So what would you consider an essential to pack on an airline flight? Any fair trade suggestions for products to buy or gift for your favorite traveller? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


Tips for Packing Purse Essentials Airplane Flights

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