Silk Hand Embroidered Flower Ornament, Made by Flowers of DX


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Lovely silk hand embroidered red flower ornament, made by Habe. She is a part of our sister sewing group in North China, and works in the traditional method of taking layers of material, pasting them together, baking them between bricks and finally embroidering that layer. She then pastes on a final layer of silk and embroiders around the edges of this delicate Christmas ornament.

This lovely fair trade Christmas flower ornament measures 4″ in length and 4″ across. Habe loves her work with the sewing group as it allows her to help support and provide for her family, in a region where the average yearly income is less than $200USD.

Thank you in advance for your support of Habe! To learn more about her, as well as our work with refugee women in Charlotte, NC, visit

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