Peace Dove Ornament in Blue // made by Flowers of DX


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These hand embroidered peace dove ornaments come from the Dongxiang region in Asia. Celebrate the season of peace & goodwill through your purchase of these lovely dove ornaments! They’re hand embroidered in the traditional style of the Dongxiang people.

Blue peace dove ornament

In a mountainous province in China lives the “Dongxiang” (DX). Impoverished and poorly educated, the vast majority of the Dongxiang are subsistence farmers, with an average yearly family income less than $200. Most Dongxiang men work far from home or have abandoned the family, leaving many women as sole providers. According to the 2002 census, the average Dongxiang receives only one year of formal education, with female illiteracy over 90%.

Most women do some farming, but many are stuck with no income & no way to provide for them selves if the men don’t show up with cash. These embroidered dove peace ornaments provide a way for these women to receive education, gain community and earn income.

We’re excited to partner with these women and give them the opportunity to work with us and share their handiwork with the world. Your purchase goes to supporting this partnership.

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