Mini Crossbody in Brown & Green, Upcycled Belt Purse or Bike Bag, Sewn in NC


Welcome the Ramble Crossbody Mini Carpet Bag. Made from donated upholstery samples, the Ramble bag is designed so you can wander and explore in so many ways.

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“Ramble” means to explore for pleasure, typically wandering off the beaten path, and that’s what we want you to be able to do. The inspiration for the Ramble Crossbody Mini Bags started when a local architectural firm donated boxes and boxes (did we mention boxes?) of upholstery samples they no longer needed. We began to play around with the wide variety of colors, textures and patterns and soon, this versatile little belt bag was created.

The Brown & Green Ramble is double zippered crossbody bag and has a wide variety of uses:

↠ Wear it with the included adjustable crossbody strap for a mini travel bag ( with made in the USA cotton webbing)
↠ Use the carabiners on the side to attach to your belt for a belt bag, like a fanny pack without the waist strap
↠ Attach it to a bicycle basket or wheelchair handle for security when you’re on the go
↠ Clip it inside a larger purse as a wallet

The Ramble Brown & Green Belt Bag measures 7.5″ in width and 7″ in length, which is also the size of the largest, top zipper pocket. Many cell phones can fit in this pocket. The smaller pocket is 7″ in width and 4.5″ in depth. Perfect for face masks and/or personal care items. The back of the bag features a tough grey chenille fabric.

Sewn by Jul

This Crossobdy Mini Bag is made sustainably in Charlotte, North Carolina. Your purchase supports our community development project with refugee women. Learn more about our work at

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 1 in


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