“The Neema” Kente African Fabric Cord Necklace


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Welcome to our version of the Kente African cord necklace. The “Neema” is a three strand fabric necklace made from kente print and upcycled jersey. This 24″ or 28″ necklace uses only wax print fabric and upcycled jersey to create a unique textile necklace. Yellows, greens and oranges combine in this kente print for a lovely skinny scarf style fabric necklace.

“Neema” means “grace” in Swahili, and is a reminder that when we show each other grace and mercy, we make this world a more beautiful place.

Made in North Carolina for our employment initiative. We’re working to provide opportunities to learn, create, and earn for Refugee and immigrant women in Charlotte. Be a part of our story through your purchase of this necklace.


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