Embroidered Fair Trade Head Band, African Head Wrap, Reversible Hair Bandana,

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Embroidered Head bands, created by a talented group of women in the Donxiang region of China. This reversible Fair Trade African print head tie is inspired by a henna design and is much more than ethical fashion. It tells two stories.

The first story is in the design, and tells a part of a beautiful Jesus story, a story where the impossible hope is made possible. The flower design represents Martha’s questions to Jesus in the midst of an overwhelming grief and how His unexpected answer pulled back the veil – just a bit – on God’s purposes in suffering. (You can read the full account of Martha’s sorrow turned into joy in John 11:1-44.)

The second story is that of the artisan. Life has been a struggle, living as a minority in one of the poorest provinces. Yet many of them have found the hope to continue and even to overcome. These head ties represent the truth that God can turn sorrow into joy. In the midst of pain, this can seem an impossible hope. Yet that is what God does!

This bandana style head wrap is perfect for those who struggle with headaches. It’s an adjustable headband, as you control the pressure through tying a knot in the back. The head wrap is also reversible, so you can either showcase the African print side or the embroidered blue flower side.

*Measures 20″ long and 4″ in width at widest spot
*Hand wash only

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 1 in


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