Brown Recycled Glass Ghana Earrings


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Geometric white shapes are painted onto these brown recycled glass earrings by an artisan in Ghana. Chocolate-colored dangle earrings pair well with many different outfits and make a great fair trade present.

These recycled glass bead earrings support a small business in a Ghanian village as well as linguistic work done around the world by SIL.

Traditional glass beads of Ghana are often referred to as Krobo beads, the Krobo mountains being the main area of production. These beads are made from recycled glass. Bottles and other glass items are first washed and sorted by colours. They are then broken into small fragments for making translucent beads, or pounded with a metal mortar and pestle, and sieved to get a very fine powder for making powder glass beads. Glass powder of different colours is obtained using ceramic dyes.

The Ghanian glass bead earrings will ship out 2-3 business days from the date of your order!


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