Boho 3-Bead Red Drop Earrings, Ugandan Paper Bead Jewelry


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These lovely 3-bead boho gypsy red drop earrings are a study in simplicity and class. They’ll go with a wide variety of outfits. But even more important, these beads support Sarah, a jewelry artist in Uganda who provides income for her family through the sale of her paper bead jewelry.

Sarah’s husband is a pastor in Uganda, and her income is needed to help the family keep afloat as well as to allow her husband to focus on his ministry. Be a part of her story through the purchase of these paper bead red drop earrings.

Due to how cheap and sustainable and wide-spread the materials for bead making have become, the art of paper beading has become widespread in countries such as Uganda. We love this trend, because it helps move women from relying on “Dead Aid” and instead creates business enterprises that provide sustainable income and development opportunities.  Many women in Uganda, like Sarah, create paper beads from recycled materials and support their families through the project.

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