Tis the season for holiday parties! But why attend with the same old, same old jewelry? Take a look at this collection of globally inspired jewelry on our latest Pinterest inspiration board.

Jewelry is such a great way to personalize an outfit and showcase your personality. For example, I love to wear necklaces that have a distinctively funky aspect to them. They help me take my  normal boring “Mom” outfit (shirt and jeans) to a different place. Another friend loves vintage chunky necklaces that make her always looked dressed up and classy. My bookish, artsy friend prefers understated and off-the-beaten-path earrings (such as a “spine” ear cuff) while my other mom friend likes items that are squarely Southern-style.

I love seeing how each friend’s choices showcase their personalities and give a distinctive flair to their wardrobe. Here at Journey Home, we’re all about global style and decided it was time for a Pinterest board featuring ethnic jewelry inspiration. Go check it out and share your favorite pieces in the comments section. Also, as a faithful blog reader, here’s a coupon code for Buy One pair of earrings, Get One 30% off at our Persona Grata label Etsy store.

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