Just head to your local playground on a sunny morning, and you’ll see plenty of American moms wearing their babys in various brands of slings and carriers. Recent years have convinced moms of the benefits of baby wearing, including increased bonding between mom and baby, providing a more discreet way to do on-demand feeding while still being out and about, providing those needed free hands to care for other children, etc.

While baby wearing may be a relatively new phenomenon in the Western world, it’s a du jour practice in much of the rest of the globe! In most third world countries, moms don’t have the luxury of just going to the park or hanging out at playdates. Moms have to work hard in manual jobs so their families can survive. Thus, babies MUST be carried in order to protect both them and give mom the ability to do her work.

Many of our artisans from Burma will sew while their baby naps on their backs in the woven fabric they’ve brought from their homeland. One of our preschool teachers was having trouble comforting one of the refugee toddlers. The sitting teacher leaned forward, and the toddler promptly climbed onto her back and settled down, eventually falling asleep!

Our latest Pinterest inspiration board celebrates these moms and the wide variety of baby carriers and slings they use! Check out our Global Mom Style board and be inspired with the lovely textiles and patterns these moms use to cart their little ones around. Have a photo we should add to the board? Share it with us on Pinterest, plus check out our other globally inspired boards!

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