It’s been a while since we’ve shared a featured Pinterest board. Studio move and all.  So now it’s time to launch this series again with one of our current favs: Global Kids Fashion!

Hmong girl in traditional dress

Since we’ve been in the midst of working on some African & Henna inspired girls’ skirts, we’ve been putting together a Pinterest board featuring kids fashion from around the world. We are inspired by these gorgeous styles! It’s time to bring some global children’s styles to the US.

Turkish girl in traditional dress

Bright colors. Beads. Tassels. Textures. We’ve been blown by how much is out there in kids fashion that you’ll never find in a typical US department store. Just browsing all these images makes us want to run to the drafting board to draw up some ideas for our brand!

Street girl in Madagascar

Beyond that, it’s just fun to see the adorable smiles of kids from all corners of the globe. And our Global Kids Pinterest board serves also as a reminder that these children are just like ours.  They’re sweet, yet vulnerable. They have hopes and dreams for the future. They’re people. In the midst of today’s rhetoric, it can be helpful to take a step back and celebrate the beauty and diversity of our world. Children help us do that.

Have a similar Pinterest board to share with us? Share a link in the comments.

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