As our carpet bag sales grow, we have the opportunity to add on some new refugee seamstresses to the team. But as a brand, we’re not just about churning out product. We want the micro manufacturing jobs we provide to be part of a bigger picture, providing holistic support and development opportunities to our employees.

This semester, we’re piloting a new micro-manufacturing project. Five seamstresses will be gather together once a week to get trained and equipped with sew-at-home kits for various products. This is a model we’ve used before. But this time we’re going to add on by spending an hour having conversational English.

micro manufacturing in Charlotte North Carolina

The idea for this project came from the work being done by the Refugee Language Project in Amarillo, Texas. The founder & director, Ryan Pennington, has been using conversational English classes as a way to bridge the gap between the “theory” ESL students get in class and the real world experience of holding an actual conversation in English. Refugee women often struggle to get real world opportunity to use their English skills. And without English fluency, higher education & better job opportunities stay just out of reach.

We’re very excited about this new program. If you’d like to support it, the answer is simple: buy something. Each week, these women are going to be making head scarves, embellishing towels, sewing wallets & purses. When you buy these products, you’re directly supporting these refugee seamstresses in earning through work AND learning English.

Henna Inspired Head Scarves

Products Made in Class

We’ve got three main sewing projects going on in our micro-manufacturing project: Head Scarves, Kitchen Towels & Napkins, and Carpet bags + Wallets.  to see our Etsy store.
This English + Sewing class is a pilot project that goes through April. We’re hoping to expand the class opportunities into west Charlotte this summer. Email us if you’re interested in learning more!


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