In the midst of busy sewing production means there are fabric scraps. Everywhere. These two factors contributed to an “ah-hah” moment from one of the kids who was sitting in the studio recently. She reached over and picked up this long strip of gorgeous fabric from the ground that was just too thin to use for much of anything. “This looks like a head band,” she enthused, holding it for us to see.


Light bulb moment! With so many of our gorgeous international fabrics, there is no way to avoid scraps as we are cutting certain patterns. Why not turn those leftover fabrics into head ties that will take care of messy hair AND use up scraps? Head ties are great for wrapping up a messy bun or tying around your hair to keep it off your face. These slim head wraps also do double duty as this season’s trending skinny scarves – tie one around your neck for a chic scarf or choker look.

From a production standpoint, we love these head ties because they’re a pretty basic sewing project for some of our seamstresses who are having to work factory jobs on top of their sewing work. (The price of rent in Charlotte is skyrocketing, as we’ve noted before on our blog). It’s a project that’s easy to assign to our newest seamstresses to help them get used to the production workflow.

African skinny scarf head tie
We’ve already got a head ties for sale, using a range of fabrics from Ghanian kente to India block print to Dutch wax prints. We’re in the middle of figuring out what our spring/summer 2019 collection is going to look and which fabrics should be used. You can help! Head to this evaluation form to rate potential head tie fabric choices…PLUS, you could potentially get a free head tie if you’d like to become a product ambassador for us.

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