We’ve been putting off this update to our supporters and customers because, well, we’ve been waiting for things to get back to at least some sense of normalcy. This obviously hasn’t happened, at least in North Carolina. In fact, in our home county of Mecklenburg, Covid19 cases continue to rise and so we’ve continued with very limited production and no face-to-face production sessions.

We were making tentative plans to begin production in August with new purse lines and revamped version of existing styles, when Charlotte area schools announced that the plan for all-virtual school this semester. Eeks! We totally support this decision by the Charlotte School Board, but when it comes to in-person production times, the news threw the proverbial monkey wrench into the plans.

Because we support and employ refugee moms with school age children, that means that every single one of our seamstresses is impacted.

We can’t easily go back into production because these sweet moms are going to be having to figure out how to navigate online school, how to keep their kids focused, and how – and if – to do production sewing from home.

We’re back at the drawing board – again – and are looking for ways to innovate. Can we host a micro-school on production days? How do we make in-person sewing time safe for all? Will the facility we meet at still be able to offer childcare for the babies & toddlers? Can we do sewing sessions over Zoom? So many questions, and we’re currently drowning in the details! But God knows and we’re trusting that He will direct.

Thank you to all our faithful customers who are supporting us during this time! Aila purses are still being sewn by Mai, Journey Crossbody Carpet bags are being put together by Fabire, and Fatima will be helping launch a new sustainable home collection soon.  Everyone is sewing out of their home studios, and we’ve instituted a 2-week “quarantine” period for products when they’re returned.

Mom product testers in North Carolina

Finally, we’re considering taking a pause on Carpet Bag production soon, as y’all aren’t traveling anywhere because of Coronavirus restrictions! As we work to launch new products, we’re going to be reactivating the Furaha Society, a group of customers that provides feedback for news ideas and products. If you’re interested in joining, sign-up here.

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