The holidays are a time of joy, festivity, eating…and LOTS of waste. Particularly paper waste. We’re on a goal to reduce paper waste this holiday as much as possible, and one way to accomplish that goal is through using cloth holiday napkins instead of the paper alternative. All of our holiday napkins are made using organic fabrics or remnants from local sewists who were cleaning out their stashes and shared extra fabrics with us.

Reusable Cloth Holiday Napkins

Shop the holiday cloth napkins collection, all sewn in North Carolina

It’s that time of year when decking the halls and tables of your home with festive home decor is a fun way to embrace the spirit of the holidays. If you are looking to go sustainable with your holiday decor, or just need a few more pieces for the dining table, consider Christmas cloth napkins. This festive – and often overlooked – dining essential is a great addition to the table, elevating the whole look with its luxurious AND sustainable presence. Forgo the waste of paper napkins this year and buy cloth napkins instead!

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