Okay – confession. We’re slight Pinterest addicts around here. And when the year rolls around  to the yet another changing of the seasons, it’s always fun to look at others’ collections of clothing styles. We decided to get in on the game and make a fall fashion Pinterest board too…only ours is a little different.

Embroidered Ukrainian Blouse
Ukrainian Embroidered Shirt by Foberini

From El Salvador to Ukraine, from Syria to Rwanda, we compiled a board full of global fall fashions. Different prints. Different dress cuts. Different hair styles. We wanted to think beyond the normal parameters of western fashion sense and be inspired by the beauty of various world cultures.

Some surprises (at least for us) were the gorgeous embroidery in Ukrainian
clothing as well as the boho style dresses traditional to Ethiopia. Those Wollo Kemis outfits are amazing! And have you seen the Syrian coat dresses? Why don’t we sell these in the states? And the woven colorful fabrics of Guatemala just plain rock.

Traditional Ethiopian dress
Ethiopian Wollo Kemis

For good measure, we also included several fair trade companies that produce more “traditional” American fall fashion so that you can actually get some true holiday shopping done, if you’re actually on top of your Christmas list for 2018. Below are the fair trade stores we featured if you see more of the beautiful fall fashion items they produce:

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