We LOVE the work of Hope International. They provide Bible-based microfinance services to entrepreneurs in the developing world. Based off what they’ve learned through Hope International’s field work, Created to Flourish provides a practical look at the importance of business based solutions to fight poverty. As we’ve seen in our work among the US poor, an handout only helps for a day, while the proverbial “hand up” is a much longer lasting, dignity-giving response to needs.

If you’re a mom that concerned about the issue of poverty, both in the US and beyond, we challenge you to make this free book a part of your reading list. You can’t beat the price, right? And gaining a deeper understanding of effective poverty alleviation work will equip you and your family to beSocial Enterprise free e-book effective, as unfortunately, most church members feel they can just dole out money and it’s enough. “Misguided giving can actually rob people living in poverty – not of their physical resources, but of their dignity, responsibility, and self-worth. We cannot afford to waste limited resources that could equip and enable people to rebuild their lives, churches and communities.”

Creating a church culture that truly makes a difference starts with you. As the authors challenge, “If the Biblical and historical Christian response to poverty is a unified emphasis on the Good news and good deeds, why doesn’t there seem to be the same level of integration in the efforts of the church in the US today?” We would answer that it is because today’s churchgoers often aren’t educated in more than a few Bible stories. Don’t let that be you.

Get your free copy at Hope International’s website.

photo by Aaaarrrrgggghhhh, used under a Creative Commons license

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