We’ve said it before – just wearing a social justice tee doesn’t necessarily make you an advocate for justice. BUT, it sure is a great way to support non-profits and to initiate conversations about important issues that you’re passionate about! It may be cold right now in  much of the US, yet spring is coming right around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking about short sleeves. (Or at least dreaming, right?)

Here’s a roundup of four of our favorite social justice tees for this spring, each supporting an awesome non-profit doing important work:

  1. Liberty in North Korea (LiNK): This awesome non-profit operates an underground railroad to help North Koreans escape their repressive regime. It’s a dangerous journey, as China – the easiest place to escape to – will arrest and repatriate any North Koreans found by police. Being returned to their home country often means an automatic death sentence for these refugees. LiNK plays a vital role in helpign them find safety. To delve into the story of what they do, we highly recommend Under the Same Sky by Joseph Kim.  This “People Over Politics” t-shirt sure seems relevant for today’s world, doesn’t it? Buy this social justice tee at the LiNK store.North Korean refugees Social Justice T-shirt
  2. Re:New Project: Based in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, the Re:New Project provides sewing training and jobs for refugee women in the area. It’s a great-fitting, soft tee that supports this important initiative. While you’re at their online shop, you can also check out their gorgeous bags and clutches!
  3. World Relief Triad: World Relief is a Christian refugee resettlement agency. There’s several offices in North Carolina, including the Triad office. World Relief stands with the vulnerable, partnering with local churches to end the cycle of suffering, transforming lives and building sustainable communities. They believe that true belonging comes when people come together through the process of integration. As integration is achieved, belonging takes root, and unity is possible. This refugee supporting social justice tee is only available for a short time as it is part of their fund-raising efforts. We love it!
    welcome refugees tshirt
  4. Freeset: With the goal of providing employment to women who are survivors of human trafficking, Freeset invests deeply into people who’ve been marginalized by society. They’ve strategically placed their facilities in communities written off by society because Freeset believes these communities deserve to live a life of freedom. This social justice t-shirt does double duty, because its sewn by the women in the India employment project, and then printed in Ohio at BLOC, which gives individuals the opportunity to learn an employable trade. BLOC mentors their employees, and gives them the skills needed to re-integrate into their community. Buy this t-shirt at the Freeset USA online store.
    Freeset lotus blossom shirt

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