The holidays are fast approaching and you’re getting the urge to decorate! But wait.

The choices we make in purchasing decorations are real keys to creating a more sustainable world. Our purchases are what will increase demand for ethically made Christmas ornaments, what will reduce plastic waste, and what will make the holidays one that is filled with memories and actionable steps to do good.

Alongside of that, in recent years we’ve learned about how way too many factories in China are linked to slave labor and concentration camps, and how workers throughout the developing world that are creating “cheap” holiday decorations for us are actually paying a high price in health and safety themselves. How do we willingly buy those items in order to save a few bucks? 

So before you run to order new decor, take a minute to ask yourself the following questions about what you want to buy:

  • Does it support Genocide?

    If this product is made in China and NOT ethically made, you might want to think twice. In case you haven’t heard, China is putting Uighurs – and other Turkic minorities – in concentration camps. The stories coming from those camps is beyond horrific.

  • Does it help or hurt the environment?

    There’s so much plastic out there right now in the decorating aisle. Unless it’s recyclable, that holiday decoration might not be the best choice – and we’re looking squarely at plastic wreaths and cheaply made Halloween costumes. Eeeks!

  • Can the dollars you’re already going to spend go towards doing measurable good?

    If you’ve already got money set aside for decorating and holiday items, why not use it to buy fair trade, ethically made goods from charities and social enterprises, where the impact made is truly measurable. You’re supporting organizations that are making a difference and still getting some awesome holiday decor!

Now here’s some fair trade Christmas decoration ideas for our Ethical Christmas 2020 Guide:

Deck out the Tree!

Angel Tree Topper
Grace Cross ornament
Banana Bark Ornament
Hand Embroidered Christmas Ornaments

Table Decorations:

Snowflake Coasters
Red Paisley Tablecloth
Bamboo Reusable Utensils
Holiday Napkin Sets

Make the House Merry & Bright:

Hand-Carved Wooden Nativity
Knit Christmas Light Garland
Merry Christmas Tasseled Pillow
Knit Striped Christmas Stocking

Looking for more Fair Trade Christmas Decorating ideas?
The VERY best shopping guide we’ve found is at Change the World by How You Shop. Leanne has done an amazing job pulling together a wonderful array of Christmas decor (and gift ideas) from social enterprises across the United States and the World. (Of course, she features some of our products, but we’re not getting any kickback. Promise!)

Ethical Christmas Decoration Shopping Guide

This Holiday season, let’s look for ways to invest our dollars into social enterprises that make life a little brighter for those they serve. After all, isn’t that truly the heart of the Christmas season?

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