We’re super excited about this cork bag November giveaway – as our customers know, we’ve been hard at work trying to make all of our bags as sustainably as possible. It’s a challenge, right? There’s so many products made in China that are unavoidably part of our purses (read more about our boycott China initiative here) and frankly, it’s hard for a small brand to find suppliers who are willing to work with our small purchase minimums. That’s why we mainly use remnants and reclaimed textiles for our carpet purses & travel bags.

Another way we’re working towards sustainability is by using cork fabric. If you don’t know much about cork fabric, it’s amazing. Cork is bark harvested from the, yes, Cork Oak tree and is a renewable resource. No tree-killing going on! And because of the fabric’s tough properties, cork is a great stand-in for leather, as it has all of the benefits of animal leather, and none of the cruelty and pollution.

Cork trees are found in countries around the Mediterranean Sea, including Portugal, Italy, & Morocco. Cork forests contribute to the natural beauty of this region of the world. Plus, the chemical processes that are needed to tan/dye animal leather are not needed with cork leather, so by using cork instead of leather, you’re cutting down on pollution. A fully recyclable product, cork is waterproof, stain resistant, fire resistant and dirt repellent. Cork is natural so its colors won’t fade and it isn’t prone to stretches or tears. That’s pretty cool, right?

Cork Bag Giveaway Made in the United States

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This November Cork Bag giveaway starts on November 6th and runs through November 9th. The contest is open to residents of the United States, Canada & the UK.

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