So much of home design these days is all about short-term, wasteful and disposable stuff.  How many times have you seen half-falling apart Ikea products on the curb, waiting to be tossed? Piles of paper napkins after a BBQ? It doesn’t have to be this way, at least not with napkins! 

One of our goals through these napkins collections is to solve the problem of non-sustainable home wares; the reusable napkins are durable and made to last for years, sewn in the USA to withstand wear and tear, and created with reclaimed and donated fabrics that aren’t like anything you’ll find at the big box retailers.

Reusable Napkins are Sustainable and Earth Friendly

For some reason, the vast majority of cloth tablecloths and napkins are either made of nice material and are very plain, or are ultra-trendy prints made from crummy fabrics and sewn by factories in China – and as you know, we’re all about boycotting big Chinese factories right now.

It’s not just waste that cloth napkins are preventing: According to the Ocean Conservancy’s blog, disposable napkins are a money-suck too: “If you bought disposable paper napkins for a family of four for five years, however, it could cost you anywhere from $322.64 to $2,635.60 depending on the type of napkins you buy and whether you buy them in bulk.” Even if you bought two sets of four napkins, it would still be much less expensive than disposable—and fabric napkins soak up a lot more than even large paper ones do (and they do it with style!).

But add to that, cloth napkins are just beautiful! If you’ve taken even one minute to think about your place settings, you should absolutely be using cloth napkins. A table just looks more elegant with cloth napkin. Plus, you can add some personality with napkin rings. You can’t exactly use napkin rings with paper napkins, can you?  Reusable cloth napkins are one of home life’s little luxuries, like fresh flowers, and the more you use them, the more you’ll feel as though you are getting the better end of the deal.

Shop the Reusable Napkin collection – your purchase provides income and ESL support for the refugee women who sew with us in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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