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The Tuaregs of Africa

World Design Focus: The Tuareg of the Sahara

We’re in the midst of launching a new collection of absorbent towels and will write up more about them soon. But before that happens, we realized many customers may never have heard of the people group – the Tuareg – from which some of our towel designs come. So here’s our introduction to the Tuareg …

5 Upcycled Crafts for Creative Kids

5 Crafts that Teach Kids how to Upcycle!

Innovation. It’s what sets entrepreneurs and leaders apart. They’re able to see new ways to solve problems, turning old frustrations into new solutions! One way to help our kids develop this skill is bymaking upcycled crafts. Upcycled crafting takes stuff that would normally be useless and destined for the trash pile, instead using those items …