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Summer ESL Classes in Charlotte

Citizenship Class for Refugee Moms in Charlotte, NC

It’s summer break, right? Well, as much as we’ve got going around here, “break” might not be an appropriate term. There’s lots of planning, drafting, sewing, writing and photography happening. Here’s a look at what’s in the works: Citizenship Class First off, we’re excited to announce a pilot citizenship class for refugee moms in Charlotte.  …

ESL Class in Charlotte North Carolina

Finding Connection, Sharing Lives: ESL + Sewing Update

“My father’s name was Paul*,” shared a leader in the ESL conversation class.”Paul Thomas.” With surprise, the woman sitting next to her exclaimed, “That was my father’s name too! Except turned around: Thomas Paul*.” These two women, one born in the United States and one born in southern Africa, had found a connection. This type …

Affordable Housing Justice Charlotte NC

Housing Injustice in Charlotte, NC

His apartment was crawling with cockroaches. He’d complained before to no avail. The management kept taking his requests and doing virtually nothing about it. There were other problems with the unit that the apartment’s staff ignored, and finally the father of three was fed up. He took his complaint to Charlotte’s Housing Department. The powers …