One of our top selling items on the Persona Grata Etsy store is our collection of Carpet Bags! Our first released collection was a globe spanning affair. An individual in the United States donated a large amount of upholstery textiles to a sewing collective in Burundi. The ladies in that group designed and sewed up part of the purse. Then, back across the ocean to the United States, where our seamstresses worked to finish up these vintage style carpet bags!

Our green upholstery carpet purse, vintage style!
Our green upholstery carpet purse, vintage style.

As our main focus is selling globally inspired fashion, it was a bit of a surprise to see this bag rise to the top. But, it’s all about what the customer wants, right? So as we ran low on inventory with the carpet bag purses that were for sale, we took the existing design, gave it a facelift and then created a new collection of these large purses sewn by some of the refugee women that work with us.

Our blue striped upholstery purse has a large pocket!
Our blue striped upholstery purse has several large pockets for phones, lipstick, kleenex, etc.

We love this new iteration, and hope you will too. Using textiles that were donated to the refugee sewing school, these eco-friendly purses have been tweaked to be more functional while still retaining that hipster upcycled vibe.

  • More pockets
  • Roomier interior
  • D-ring tab for keys & wallets in tapestry purses
Vintage Carpet for sale
Tapestry carpet purse, just like Mary Poppins!

Have a favorite style? As a reader of this blog, you get a special deal on the purses! Head to the Persona Grata Goods Etsy store and get free shipping with coupon code CARPET2. All purses in this collection were made in North Carolina, and your purchase helps provide employment for refugee moms.


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