Is it just us, or is the new summer hair trend for 2020 messy hair?

Not only is it hot and sticky across much of the lower 48 (guaranteed to make hair go ick), it’s also pool / lake / beach time and few of us are completely avoiding the water even as we stay socially distanced! The last indicator for this trend is the difficulty of getting haircuts by true stylists, compounded by the fact that – at least in North Carolina –  we’ve had to do YouTube home haircuts all spring while the barbers and salons were closed.

Messy Hair trend summer 2020

So we’re ready to make it official: for summer 2020, let’s just declare messy hair a thing and celebrate the trend. It’s going to be shaggy with uneven ends, it’s going to have that “I have nowhere to go anyway” vibe, it’s going to make us unfollow every celebrity hairstyle feed, it’s going to just have to be the year of the Coronavirus hair.

So what do we do with our hair?

We’ve compiled a Pinterest board of messy hair style inspiration! From head ties to head wraps, messy buns to dred extensions, here’s some ways to enjoy Covid19 shutdown enforced hairstyles. Do you have a favorite? Or even some DIY haircuts we could learn from?

Also, if you’re looking for some thinner head ties, we’ve got a range made by refugee women in Charlotte, as well as some lovely embroidered ones by a women’s fair trade group in Central Asia. If you buy two head scarves of any type, get an automatic $4.00 off the price with coupon code MESSYHAIR20. Shop the collection below.

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