Cloth Napkin Giveaway

Win a set of napkins for you and a friend

Welcome October! Such a beautiful month in the South – at least in North Carolina. Trees changing, pumpkins everywhere and the weather actually gets chilly enough for sweaters on some days. Family meals around the table by candlelight with soups, hot chocolate, and holiday prep. To celebrate the start of October, we’re giving away a …

Production Begins! Sewing Manufacturing During Covid19

We’ve started sewing together again. After 6 months of only doing in-home production, Covid19 conditions in North Carolina have improved enough that we felt it was okay to start up sewing manufacturing together. There’s been lots of changes in how we work, and not everyone is going to be sewing on-site for the foreseeable future. …

July Program & Production Update

We’re back at the drawing board – again – and are looking for ways to innovate. Can we host a micro-school on production days? How do we make in-person sewing time safe for all? Will the facility we meet at still be able to offer childcare for the babies & toddlers? Can we do sewing sessions over Zoom? So many questions, and we’re currently drowning in the details!