Persona Grata Goods comes from the Latin, "Person Welcome." Our social enterprise designs & creates travel-inspired, functional bags. Our goal is to help our customers explore and do good.  We work with sustainable materials whenever possible, such as cork (a vegan leather alternative) and tapestry deadstock. We also source ethnic textiles or and products created by artisans from other countries. Our seamstresses & embroiderers are refugee women in the Carolina.

Our Values

Learning a new language. Navigating an unfamiliar culture.  Spouse gone with long hours at low-wage paying factories. This is overwhelming in and of itself. But for our seamstresses, they're also trying to be good moms as they help their children deal with culture shock, trauma, education, bullies, etc. These refugee women need a friend to come alongside and support them, which is why we exist. We provide flexible, work from home jobs. We provide ESL conversation &  citizenship tutoring. But most of all, we provide friendship.  Each of our seamstresses has an American mentor mom who supports and encourages her in this journey to establish a new home in America.

We've been asked why we don't share more photos of our seamstresses...well, very simply, because we're not all about creating "Instagram" moments to share! Instead, our goal is that all of our volunteers and instructors are focused on friendship and that extra picture taking should be a natural event (in the same way we snap pics on outings with friends) as opposed to creating social media posts. Also, some of the refugee ladies who have worked with us have asked specifically that we not share their photo. We honor that request.  We share the name of the seamstress who made each product with our customers - and with that, y'all will have to be satisfied!

Our Carpet Bags

Carpet bag purses are a unique type of purse, one that has distinct historical roots. We love the vintage look from that comes from using these durable and thick textiles…but we felt like many of the bags currently on the market just weren’t quite right for us.

Blue and Gold Tapestry Carpet Purse

So here at Persona Grata Goods, we  decided that a new carpet bag line was needed that fit some specific criteria:

* Affordable Carpet Bags – we’re on a budget and can’t often swing $200 carpet purses.

* Eco-friendly – this part is a process, but we’ve started going green with the fabrics by using donated textile samples, cork, reclaimed leather, and upholstery remnants.

* Organized – keys, phone, wallet, diapers, water bottles – junk just gets lost in a big purse. So our goal is to make our carpet bags with pockets, clips and add-ons to keep us all organized.

*Made locally – we don’t outsource production of these purses. They’re all made in Charlotte, North Carolina. We’re bringing a bit of British sensibility to the Southern look (because we REALLY dislike chevron).

We're a North Carolina based social enterprise that exists to make our artisans - who hail from all parts of the globe - feel welcome. We want them to know that they are truly persona grata here.

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