Persona Grata Goods comes from the Latin, “Person Welcome.” Our social enterprise is inspired by world fashion and designed to help moms who care about the world make a difference in the lives of other moms! We work to create functional pieces, which either use ethnic textiles or are created by artisans from other countries. We hire refugee women in North Carolina as well as sourcing goods from other social ventures.

Persona Grata Goods sprang out of the Journey Home initiative (journeyhomecrafts.com) – a project designed to train refugee women in sewing, while also providing an outlet for them to sell their crafts. Through Journey Home, we’ve worked with over 12 women, helping them learn skills and earn needed income. The problem we ran into was that we were limited by the sewing class restraints. We needed to move into a new model – one focused on creating sustainable business opportunities.

We want women to be empowered to care for their families and and yet get to explore their creative side. We want American mothers to experience new cultures, fabrics and designs that aren’t available in your typical boutique. We want to provide a way for you embrace the world, support other moms and make a difference. Be a part of our story.