About Us

Persona Grata Goods comes from the Latin, "Person Welcome." Our social enterprise is inspired by world fashion and designed to help moms who care about the world make a difference in the lives of other moms! We work to create functional pieces, which either use ethnic textiles or are created by artisans from other countries. We hire refugee women in North Carolina as well as sourcing goods from other social ventures.

Carpet bag purses are a unique type of purse, one that has distinct historical roots. These beautiful and unique bags has been inspired by the romantic Victorian Era and influenced by such famous English literary characters as Sherlock Holmes, Mary Poppins and Miss Marple. We love the vintage look from that comes from using these durable and thick textiles…but we felt like many of the bags currently on the market just weren’t quite right for us. We’re working moms. We love to explore, sometimes with our kids and sometimes without. We decided that a new carpet bag line was needed that fit some specific criteria:

* Not too pricey – we’re on a budget and can’t often swing $200 carpet purses.

* Eco-friendly – this part is a process, but we’ve started going green with the fabrics by using donated textile samples and upholstery remnants.

* Organized – keys, phone, wallet, diapers, water bottles – junk just gets lost in a big purse. So our goal is to make our carpet bags with pockets, clips and add-ons to keep us all organized.

* Social impact – we’re more than just a Mary Poppins purse company (though a flying umbrella would be awesome). We want to make a difference in the lives of other moms. We hire refugee moms to sew with us, making products like these carpet bags, our Journey Home kitchen collection and the Messy Hair head wraps.

*Made locally – we don’t outsource production of these purses. They’re all made in Charlotte, North Carolina. We’re bringing a bit of British sensibility to the Southern look (because we REALLY dislike chevron).

Most of all, we're a company that exists to make our artisans - who hail from all parts of the globe - feel welcome. We want them to know that they are truly persona grata here.