While making our home tables a little more festive with cloth napkins, we might as well do some fancy napkin folds too, right? We’ve compiled 4 ways to fold cloth napkins, along with the much needed picture tutorials. If you’re good at origami, then folding napkins in fancy ways is a breeze, and you probably don’t even need step by step pictures. But for those of us that always get stuck in the middle of helping our kids figure out a fold from the craft book (usually right after we said, “This isn’t hard at all!), these napkin folds should be fairly easy. Fingers crossed.

With Earth Day coming up, we decided to take cloth napkin use and make it just a little more fun. Without further ado, here’s four ways to fold those lovely cloth napkins you’ve started to use.

Cone Cloth Napkin Fold

Leaf Napkin Fold Tutorial
(via SmartyhadaParty.com)


Surprise Box Cotton Napkin Fold

Surprise Box Napkin Fold


Three Layer Formal Napkin Fold

Three Layer Napkin Fold

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