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SocEnt Mom: More Goal Setting Advice

Goal Setting Advice for Work at Home Moms

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So a little over a week ago, I wrote about my method for goal-setting and why it’s so important. Here’s some added advice which applies equally to mom life and to small business management.

Simplify. Take all that complexity of your mom goals and/or business goals and turn it into bite-sized chunks.

Even if writing everything down on a calendar doesn’t work for you, it’s okay. You’re going to to have your own way to accomplishing your goals and that’s what you need to embrace. So here’s a simple approach to make sure important tasks get done. Regularly ask these three simple questions:

  1. What is the most important thing to do today?

  2. What is the most important thing to do this week?

  3. What is the most important thing to do this month?

And then take it from there.

What goals are you trying to accomplish this month? Share in the comments section.

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